I'm a YA writer and a part-time copyeditor, and I live near Boston with my husband and two small kids. My mom is a librarian so I grew up in a house full of books, and ever since I can remember, I've been obsessed with reading.

I wrote a ton as a kid and teenager and right up through college, but somewhere in my early twenties I fell out of it. I didn't think I had enough creativity in me to write a whole book, and so I decided to pursue editing instead. Fast forward several years to when I was pregnant with my daughter and had the most intense, technicolor dream about all these people I'd never met. For some reason that dream stuck with me for almost a year, through the birth of my daughter and all the insane chaos that is life with a newborn. I finally decided to start writing it down during naptime, and within a month, I was completely hooked on writing again, back in my groove and wondering why I ever stopped.

I love reading and writing YA for a bunch of reasons. The lack of boundaries between genres is seriously cool. I really like the freshness, the vividness of everything that happens to you when you're a teen, the exhilarating high of even the simplest things. The crushing lows, the heartbreaks, the overwhelming passion for things that become mundane once you're older. All of it, really.

I also tinker around with grown-up short stories, usually when I'm between book drafts. My story, "The Callers," won a Writer's Digest short story competition, which was a total shock and pretty damn cool.

In my spare time, I like to think I do yoga and rock climb and knit and travel. But if I'm being honest, with two kids, a job, and books to write, these are more like occasional pursuits than proper hobbies. Some day I'll have free time again. Probably.

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