Aug 18, 2011


So I "finished" the first draft. I went through it once after that and did some fiddling, but I felt like I wasn't able to really get at the meat of things, for whatever reason. So I decided to put it away for two weeks and come back to it with fresh eyes.

I'm on day three, and it's been surprisingly tough. I've been working on this little file of mine for eight months now, pretty much every single day. I feel slightly addicted to the thing. A few times I've felt compelled to write little pieces, and I've allowed myself to write them down, but NOT in the manuscript itself. I've got a couple of documents going with ideas, questions for myself, and loose ends that I need to wrap up, mostly fiddly little things. I've also done some freewrites that resulted in some cool new plot ideas for the second book in the series (if there ever is a first one).

Every day so far I've had more to add to my lists of ideas and questions, and I'm hoping I'll get a wave of inspiration at some point soon. Because I think something big has to change before I'll be completely satisified with this manuscript. I just don't quite know what yet.

It feels good to shut off the manic, push-push-push side of me that is helpful in lots of ways but not so good for thoughtful revision. But it sure feels weird. We'll see how it all goes.

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